American Roullete

American Roullete

The American Roulette is an easy and funny game. Every player plays with chips with different colours, in order to be abke to remember his own bets. The chips are with different value according to the table minimum and maximum.

The dealer declares the start of the bets and rolls the ball. Beting continues untill the dealer says “End of bets”. All bets made later are given back to the player. When the ball falls the dealer announces the winning number the colour, clears the loosing bets and pays the winning following a procedure. When player stops playing, he must change all the collour chips for cash chips.


The numbers on the wheel (0-36) are disposed on a way different of this on the table. The wheel is being divided on sectors.


When the winning number is Zero all outside bets (single chanse) – red and black, even and odds, small and big numbers, dousens and columns are loosing. Bets set to Zero are winning and are being payed the same way as any other winning number.

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