Black Jack

Black Jack

This game plays with six packs of cards. The player plays against the dealer. The game objective is the beat the eventual dealer hand by reaching a hand closer to 21 but without exceeding 21. Every bet should be puted on the boxes marked on the table. After beting the dealer gives the cards face up – one card for every player and for himself and after that a second card for every player.

If you have BlackJack (Ace and Color card or 10), this hand beats every other combination except Black Jack for the dealer, and the bet is paid 3:2. If the dealer has Black Jack too you are draw. If you don’t have Black Jack depending on your cards you decide whether to ask for more cards or not. You can ask for as many cards as you wish.

If you are not satisfied by your chances to beat the dealer, after you receive your first two cards, you can declare “Surrender”. The dealer will collect the cards and will take the half of your bet.

The dealer must take card on 16 or less and must stop on 17 or more.
If your total score is closer to 21 than this of the dealer you win the same money as your bet. If your total score is lower than the dealers’ you loose your bet. If you have a total score equal to the dealers’ you are draw. If you exceed 21 by taking cards for the dealer you loose your bet.

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