Omaha Poker is a very similar Texas Hold’em poker game, but with the difference that each player receives four cards. To start the game, a minimum of two players is required, and a maximum of 10. For the game itself, a circular disc is called the dealer button and indicates the player who theoretically handles the cards during a game. The dealer button receives the last cards. At the beginning of the game, it is determined which player will be with the dealer button. The first player on the left has to pay the “small blind”, the next player on the left of the first one has to pay the big blind, which is put in the dark before the cards are given. Each player receives four cards face down. Before handing out the cards, bets on “small blind” and “big blind” must be made. They can be 1 and 2, 2 and 2, 2 and 5, 5 and 5, 5 and 10 and so on, depending on the table limit. After each player has received two cards, the first round starts. First round wagers always start from the player who is after the big blind. Each player has the following options:

Drop (fold)
To pay (call)
To raise (raise)
Once the bets of each player have been settled, it goes to the second round of the game. The dealer turns three cards face up in the middle of the table, called a “flop”. All bets in the second round start from the player after the player with the “dealer button”. After the second round, the dealer turns up another fourth card in the middle of the table, called the “turn card”. The third betting round follows. In the last fourth round, the dealer turns the fifth card face up into the center of the table, called the “river card”, followed by betting. At the end of the game, after all rounds have been completed, all players turn their four face up cards and win the player with the best combination of five cards (his four cards and five of the cards completed by the dealer, necessarily combining 2 of indoor and 3 of the community maps). He wins the total amount of bets in all rounds. Bets on each round are collected at a specific place in the middle of the table, which is called “pot”. In case the two players have the same card combinations, they divide the total amount of the bets. The three rounds after the first bet must always begin with a player who is after the player with a “dealer button” unless of course the player has not given up. Then it starts with the next one left in the game. It has three options.

To say “check” (waits without betting)
To give up
To bet
The following players have four options: “check”, “fold”, “call”, “raise”. If a bet is formalized, the “check” option is dropped. If any player during the game does not have enough money on the table to answer the bet or to make a full climb, he is allowed to “all-in” (puts everything). Then the “basic sweat” is formed. The other players continue the game without him, as the sum of their additional bets goes aside in the “side sweat”. The player who is “all-in” competes with the other players only for the amount that is in the “main pot”. Each round after the first players combines two of their four cards with three of those turned by the dealer and judging how to play and bet. At the table the only language allowed to speak during play is English! Players must keep their cards at the table all the time and keep them from viewing the others. Cash for chips changes only between games. Each player only plays with the chips on the table in front of him (he is not allowed to change cash for chips during the game). It is forbidden during the player to exchange chips with each other, to withdraw, to take chips in the pockets, to borrow chips. “Payout” substitution of money chips is only made if the player has finished playing. Changing chips between players is forbidden.

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