Russian Poker

Russian Poker

Similar game as the Caribbean Poker. Players play against the dealer. The player must be seated when playing and must leave his bet in the “Ante” box first. The bet must be considered with the table minimum and with step 5 Euro (but not higher than the maximum). The dealer gives 5 cards, face down, to each player. The fifth card of the dealer is puted with the face up.

Players can changing more than one card, to buy a sixth card and even to change a card for the dealer if there is no game.

Finallyif you decide to bet you must place additional bet which is exactly TWICE HIGHER than your entry bet.

When all players have done their choice the dealer reveals his cards. Dealer qualifies ONLY if he has Ace and King or higher combination of cards. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, then all other player rest in the game are wining 1:1 for their entry bet. In this case the “BET” bet is not payed to the players and it is returned.

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